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I was born in Pirang in the Kombo East district of the Gambia. Pirang is surrounded by forests; Pirang Forest, Farasutu and Makasutu. In this  environment, my love of birds and wildlife started and as a young boy I would take myself off into these locations to find birds and try to identify them.

One day I was lucky enough to meet a group of English birdwatchers; I took them to different locations to find the birds they were searching for and these very kind people gave me my first pair of binoculars and Gambian bird book. I will be forever grateful to those people for giving me the chance to be doing the job I am doing today.

My parents moved up country to Jataba near Tendaba and Kiang West National Park, giving me an opportunity to explore new bird habitats. By this time, I knew I wanted to work in the field of ornithology; having completed my training, 17 years ago I became a member of the Bird Guides Association of the Gambia.

I have been based at Kotu bridge ever since, taking bird watchers all over Gambia either for day trips or full tours, up country to Tendaba and Georgetown. Having my own 7-seater 4X4 means that instead of being reliant on hired drivers I can be totally responsive and flexible to client needs.

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Kotu Bridge, Kotu, The Gambia 

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